BIVROST 360Player changelog UI improvements and fixes, stability fixes. (2015-08-31) New features, auto updater UI. (2015-09-08) Streaming services support. (2015-09-25) Statistical tools for video analysis. Bivrost protocol handling for web integration. (2015-10-01) OSVR headset support. Prerelease version. (2015-12-04)

Version released to Razer. CES 2016 edition. (2016-01-04) New video streaming services integration. Bug fixes. (2016-01-15) Remote Control for player (enabled in Debug), new "About" window. (2016-02-05) Updates to Oculus SDK and OSVR integration. (2016-03-11) Pornhub streaming support. Added licensing. (2016-05-02) Remote control update. (2016-05-05) OpenVR support, published build of previous unreleased features. (2016-08-07) Log window and fix of Youtube integration. (2016-08-22) Performance fixes. Fixed occasional blinking. (2016-09-07) Codesigning and projection options (2016-11-24) Licensing fixes and other minor updates (2016-12-15) Headset tracking and analytics fixes (2016-12-16) New input system (2017-03-24)

(not released) GhostVR integration (2017-05-11)

(not released) Cleanup of legacy projects and code (2017-05-12)

(not released) Logger update and minor fixes (2017-05-26) Combined fix of a year of bug reports, source code cleanup (2018-03-15) Fixed Oculus not properly turning off, fixed HLS not working, documentation update, some minor bugfixes and removal of not used features. (2018-03-26) End-of-life release for the Canary deployment channel. (2018-04-12) Minor bugfix issue. (2018-04-12) Headsets now persist. (2018-04-12) Panorama support (2018-05-09)